Community Impact and Engagement

  • An exploration lease enables in-principle access to land for mineral resource investigation.
  • The key stakeholders within the community including land and traditional owners are fundamental to exploration success.
  • White Tiger Resources will strive to achieve applicable industry standards in community engagement before exploration.
  • For example, in managing the Intercept Hill Project in South Australia since 2013, we have demonstrated community engagement through the execution of both a Native Title Management Agreement as well as a Landowner Services Agreement and support of local business.

Environmental Impact

  • In the exploration phase, the environmental impacts are limited to those caused by site access and localised drilling operations.
  • These are generally low impact activities that can be carefully managed to prevent unnecessary impacts upon the local environment both in execution and in rehabilitation.
  • White Tiger Resources strives to achieve applicable industry standards in environmental management of exploration.


  • WTR identifies strategies and implements actions to mitigate any detrimental social impact and reputational risk by complying with regulatory guidelines and associated requirements in consultation with the tenement specific stakeholders.
  • WTR prepares investigation specific plans equivalent to Environmental Management Plans for each site investigation under its management. These plans incorporate environmental compliance inspections during site activities to monitor plan compliance.

Risks and Constraints

  • Exploration risks and constraints include cultural heritage, land owner and community expectations of companies undertaking mineral exploration.
  • White Tiger Resources understand the importance of early engagement and planning to carefully execute an exploration program with social responsibility.

Action plan

  • We have successfully completed exploration including rehabilitation in accordance with the approved environmental plans, and in accordance with relevant government guidelines.

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