Investment is available for individuals and companies to:

  • Participate in exploration funding where White Tiger Resources has identified exploration properties with potential for the existence and discovery of economically viable mineral deposits;
  • Farm-in to Joint Venture with White Tiger Resources and benefit from our financial, management and technical skills in mining exploration, project studies and execution.

Investing in South Australian mineral exploration is investing into an industry strongly support by the Government of South Australia. Several informative websites and publications are available for investor reference using the following links:

WTR and its subsidiaries have demonstrated efficient and effective exploration management capability including:

  • Competing successfully for Exploration Release Areas
  • Assessing prospectivity using innovative modelling techniques
  • Competing successfully for government grants and funding
  • Conducting cost effective drilling campaigns
  • Collaborative approach to optimise benefits for all stakeholders
  • Strategic relationships with service providers, local business and local community

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